For Investors

AIM’s mission is to Build Partnerships That Make a Difference. Some of the most important partnerships we build are with our Limited Partners, who are critical to our success.

AIM offers a unique investment strategy to our Limited Partners, which includes the following:

  • We invest in companies that qualify to be MLPs, in both traditional and innovative MLP sectors.
  • We make quarterly, tax advantaged distributions to our investors based on income we receive from our portfolio companies.
  • We manage nearly $1 billion in assets for our investors.
  • Our senior team averages over 20 years of private investment experience across a wide variety of industries and sectors.

We appreciate your interest in our American Infrastructure MLP Funds.

This section of our website is exclusively for our Limited Partners. If you are one of our Limited Partners, click here to log in and get access to information on your investments with us. If you need your login information, please email