We dedicate resources and expertise to each of our portfolio companies to accelerate growth and create value. We have developed and honed our approach over the decades our team has been making private investments.

Dedicated Team

We assign a team to each of our portfolio companies, often from the very first meeting.

Efficient Process

Our investment process is thorough but streamlined, enabling us to complete investments efficiently and jump-start value creation.

Long Term Horizon

We work with our partner companies over 5-10 years, allowing our management partners to drive growth and build value in a timeframe that meets the needs of all our stakeholders.


Proven Close

Our investment process is backed by a wealth of expertise and substantial resources to invest in high potential companies.

Tax Advantages

We can provide tax-efficient liquidity and additional value incentives to sellers. Our best-in-class legal and accounting advisors will help develop a structure to meet your unique needs. 


Our mission is to build partnerships that make a difference – with our portfolio companies, investors, vendors, service providers and colleagues. Learn more about our mission and values.


We have an entrepreneurial spirit and seek to find new and creative approaches that enhance our investments, operations and industry.