Our investment strategy offers numerous benefits to companies that fit our investment criteria and are seeking growth capital.

We pursue a unique strategy, making private investments in asset-intensive operating companies and providing the necessary capital and resources to help our partners continue to grow. Our investment offers owners a combination of up-front liquidity (if desired) combined with ongoing equity ownership and participation. In this way, owners and sellers can benefit from ongoing tax advantages, including a potentially tax-free or tax-deferred roll-over and ongoing tax-deferred income. Other advantages of partnering with us may include:

  • Lower cost of capital than other financial sponsors
  • Operational control of your company
  • Substantial upside as you continue to grow your company
  • Focused due diligence and a quick close; and
  • A long-term partnership with our team


The chart below highlights some of the key differences and benefits of our strategy versus an investment by most standard private equity firms

 AIM's Structure Can Offer:Traditional Private Equity Buyout Provides:
Yield10-15% tax-deferred cash yieldNo current yield
Cost of capitalLow cost growth capital via initial public offeringVery high cost of capital until sold, then trapped in C-Corp
LeverageLow leverage (<3x EBITDA) for operational flexibilityHigh leverage (4x-6x EBITDA) creates high risk
Upside ParticipationEquity upside alongside AIMNo or limited equity participation
Estate PlanningTax-efficient estate planningLimited tax-efficient estate planning
Operations ControlOperational control for managementCEO and management retain some operational control
BrandBrand and company survive and growCompany may survive or be broken up and sold in pieces
EmployeesEmployees stay on and grow in responsibilitySignificant layoffs and cost cutting
Management FocusManage business with focus on cashManage business with focus on GAAP earnings



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