United Bridge Partners

United Bridge Partners (UBP) is a private infrastructure company that finances, designs, builds, owns and operates private toll bridges across the United States, meeting the needs of under-funded state and municipal governments to replace failing bridge infrastructure. UBP replaces obsolete and dangerous bridges and expands congested roadways with new, privately built and operated toll infrastructure. UBP is funded by a $1 billion capital commitment from affiliates of the American Infrastructure Fund and uses no local, state or federal financing to accomplish private bridge projects.

United Bridge Partners financed, designed, built and now owns and operates the South Norfolk Jordan Bridge (SNJB), in Chesapeake, VA. SNJB is one of the nation's only truly private toll bridges. Since 2012, UBP has provided the communities of Chesapeake and Portsmouth with a vital transportation link utilizing all-electronic tolling.

Currently under construction and owned by UBP, the Cline Avenue Bridge is restoring a vital transportation link in the city of East Chicago, IN. The old, structurally deficient bridge was demolished by Indiana DOT. The new Cline Avenue Bridge is expected to open in 2020.